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Knockane, Cork, Ovens, P31XT51

My small cut flower farm is located here in Ovens Co. Cork. I do not use any chemicals or pesticides when growing my flowers.
There is a lot of work involved in growing and arranging flowers for cutting including the selection of varieties to grow, seed germination conditions , supporting the flowers while they grow and even picking and conditioning them at the ideal time to ensure the optimal vase life . All of the above done to ensure that the end product is of optimal quality and enjoyed by you my customer.
My ultimate aim is to be a sustainable growing operation that does not impact the environment around me, supporting and in tune with the Ecosystem.

The flowers available will change with the growing season, no 2 bouquets the same .Follow me on instagram or Facebook @gardendelila and I will update you on what’s looking good on a given week !!!!


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