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Fishery Smokehouse Ltd

Fishery Smokehouse Ltd

The Fishery, Tralee Road, KILLORGLIN, Co. Kerry, V93XRK1

We are an Artisan smokehouse based in Killorglin that specialize in smoked salmon. We have two types- the Wild smoked salmon which is all caught locally and the Oak smoked which is organically farmed off the west coast of Ireland. The salmon are handfilleted , cured in salt for 3-4 hours and gently smoked over oak for up to 12 hours

With nearly a quarter of a century to perfect the art of curing and smoking, a craft and knowledge , passed down from generation to generation, to this present day KRD takes the finest Atlantic salmon and uses the traditional time honoured methods of hand curing and oak smoking to create a a balance of rich blended flavours and velvety texture that will melt in your mouth. You can purchase our smoked salmon in sliced packs or whole sides.


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