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EarthWay Refill

EarthWay Refill

3 Main Street, Midleton, Co. Cork, P25 R1W9

We are a Refill/zero waste shop based in Midleton, Co. Cork. We offer good quality, organic staple foods and liquids, eco-friendly household cleaning and self care products. We support local Irish small businesses where possible. A shopping experience like no other, bring along your own jars, bottles, tubs or bags, you weigh them, fill up on the quantity of food/product you want, you re-weigh your container and then pay for the food. This helps eliminate plastic waste from your shopping. This way of refilling saves thousands of plastic bottles and plastic packaging from going into the landfill or our seas. It's economically better too, because we buy in bulk, so you, the customer get the savings!! A Win/Win for your pocket and the environment.


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