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Dreambeans Coffee

Dreambeans Coffee

Greenbean House, Coes Road, Dundalk, Co Louth, A91 XR97

This is the good stuff! Coffee good enough to change your whole day! Dreambeans Coffee hand-roasted on Coes Road, Dundalk. Dreambeans is the consumer sales arm of Greenbean Coffee Roasters, one of Ireland's very best coffee roasters. Award-winning coffees, carefully sourced and selected, hand roasted, hand packed and delivered fresh to you through NeighbourFood. What could be better.

Life is too short for bad coffee. It’s always the little things that make your life better; an incremental build-up of small indulgences. Coffee is one of the things that really makes a difference. The simple pleasure of a sublime cup of coffee in your favourite mug in your favourite nook of the kitchen. It’s an everyday luxury.


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