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Donabate Dexter

Donabate Dexter

Donabate Dexter Farm, Turvey Ave, Donabate, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Donabate Dexter rear and breed native Irish cattle using natural and regenerative farming. We then process and supply the finest cuts to customers in Ireland. Our farm is in Donabate on the grounds of Turvey House (now demolished) and Turvey Golf club, The Dexters are joined by Sheep, Pigs, Horses, Geese, Hens, Ducks, Quail, Rabbits and even a Chinchilla.
Donabate Dexter is passionate about using natural farming processes and following the 5 freedoms of animal welfare.
In the past year, we have run Christmas markets, food markets and summer markets which included our own Steakout food truck and coffee shop beside our ever popular Donabate Dexter Butcher Stall. Farm walks and
workshops were organised during the year, which provided great entertainment for young and old alike. Some of our animals would visit the market on Saturdays too.
For This year, we really want to focus on helping local producers to get a foothold in the North Dublin area. Now more than ever, buying from small producers is so important to our economy and the enviroment. We strive to provide our customers with healthy food from local sources with reduced packaging and carbon footprint. Every product that we buy locally is helping our countryside and our future.


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