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Dog Chef

Dog Chef

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It all started with a desire to find healthier treats for Hoss, our rescue puppy.
With the habit of reading labels, we discovered that treats found in supermarkets utilize extremely generic terms for their ingredients and we couldn't be sure if they were beneficial to our dog. In short, we were in need of healthy treats for his training.
After an insightful chat with a lovely fellow dog walker, we looked into recipes for dog treats and found that we could make them ourselves with our own food. We soon realised that they were valuable to him but also beneficial to his wellbeing.
We use our biscuits everyday in many different situations so they need to be low in fat and not excessively rich but yummy to be of value to him. The vitamins from the fresh fruit and vegetables are just a really nice bonus!
They are made with fresh and natural ingredients with our own hands, cut one by one with loads of love!
This is where we started and now we want to share our biscuits and other treats with all the dog lovers out there that, like us, want the best for their furry friends.

For any special requests, questions or to specify the size of biscuits you prefer, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


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