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Crawford's Farm

Crawford's Farm

Garraun Lane, Cloughjordan, E53K168

Together, we, Owen and Mimi Crawford, are part of the new age of millennials returning to the land and working to turn our small family farm into a diverse haven of natural food production. Our goal here at Crawford’s Farm is to produce organic, nutrient dense foods that we feel good about feeding to ourselves, our families and our neighbours – food that is raised responsibly, ethically and according to nature’s brilliant design.

We have a small micro-diary milking a handful of Irish Shorthorn cows, who are all called into the parlour by name. From their sweet and creamy raw milk we bottle and sell whole, organic raw milk, organic raw cream, organic raw buttermilk and traditional organic, handmade salted butter. We also raise a variety of animals on pasture for meat. Seasonally, we offer 100% grass-fed, organic beef and pasture-raised, organic pork, bacon, chicken and duck.

We embrace the seasons to farm in a holistic, cyclic model and only produce our products during the natural grazing season in Ireland (March-November). This style of farming is our choice because it brings about a deeper connection to the natural world, it returns the flavour and nutrition to the products produced on the farm, it connects consumer directly with producers, and it breathes life back into the food traditions and stories of the land.


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