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Craigievern Poultry

Craigievern Poultry

Craigevern, Balfron Station, Glasgow, G63 0NQ, G63 0NQ

Craigievern is a family run farm situated outside the village of Drymen. We primarily farm Cattle and Sheep over our 756 acres of land, but also have have some Pigs and free range Hens, Ducks and Geese. Our laying hens are mainly Rhode Rocks with one or two other breeds providing colour variation in our eggs and along with our Khaki Campbell Ducks and Norfolk Geese we can provide a good selection of eggs. All our birds are completely free range with the run of the fields, often found amongst the cows and sheep. Having fresh grass to peck and scrape on everyday contributes to the better quality, better taste and lovely orange yolks.

Our Quality Assured pork is produced mostly by our own home bred pigs. On occasion to keep up with demand we have to source weaner's from other producers - if one of our sows produces a smaller litter than expected. Our pigs are fattened at a slower rate resulting in a more mature pig which in return adds more flavour to our meat. Our butcher in Lanarkshire, who also sells our Pork in his Farm shop then prepares our meat, vacuum packs, labels then freezes for us.

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