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Carlow Farmhouse Cheese

Carlow Farmhouse Cheese

Ballybrommell, Fenagh, Carlow, R21XA43

A hard cheese made from dairy ewes milked on the farm - Lacaune. The production is seasonal, as the sheep lactate for 6 - 7 months. The milk is thermasized before cheese making. A small number of goats are also milked, grazing outdoors, to produce a raw milk goat tomme - seasonal availability.

Milk from a neighbouring dairy herd - Freisian cows - is collected and made into a washed curd cheese in small batches (gouda type). This cheese is natural, also with tomato & basil; nettle & onion; Chilli. Other flavours may be used on demand. The ripening period is from 3 months onwards.

Another sheep cheese available is VINCENZO'S SHEEP CHEESE, made in West Cork from a flock of 70 dairy sheep. It is a semi soft, traditional Italian type - young pecorino. Vincenzo is Italian, bringing his skills and knowledge to Ireland.

We are currently carrying out a biodiversity study on the farm, to put a measure the carbon foot print of the production and the end product.


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