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Broth N Bone

Broth N Bone

148 Ballycorus Road, Kilternan, Dublin 18, D18 XK07

"Bone Broth The Forgotten Superfood"

Broth N Bone broth is a mineral rich Elexir made by slow cooking the bones of healthy Irish grass fed beef or free range Irish chicken, along with fresh Irish vegetables, spices and fresh healing herbs from our herb garden. Our broths are made in small batches using the traditional method and skimming each batch by hand to ensure clarity and purity. Unlike shelf-stable broths we use no concentrates, no preservatives and no short cuts (Our Chicken broths are cooked for over 12 hours and Beef broths for over 24 hours). It is deeply nourishing and is packed with minerals, amino acids, proteins and collagen, many of which are missing from the modern diet.

Our broths are created by flavour fanatics who have spent alot of time and love creating the most nutrient dense, delicious and rich bone broths for you to enjoy. Simply heat up your bone broth and sip on it as a restorative drink or add it to dishes to enhance the flavour and nutrition content.


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