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Blasta Delights

Blasta Delights

Beann View, Drom, Glenbeigh, V93 YP83

Blasta Delights was created in 2020 by Áine Ní Bhraoin, who has always been fascinated in different flavours and tastes encountered on her travels around the world. For the non-Irish amongst you, blasta means tasty or delicious. Blasta Delights creates a range of ginger inspired goodies. All the ingredients are sourced organically, the ginger comes from Peru, though we look to partially supply the business eventually with our own grown ginger.

Focusing on a balance of nutrition and no guilt and still experiencing a zingy ginger treat, we created Crystallised Ginger which lingers in the mouth for a bit of time afterwards and gives a strong burst of flavour at the end. You can add a few of these to some hot water to get a tasty ginger drink or just for those moments at the computer when you need a clear head.

Especially good when out for a hike or have with some dark chocolate in the evening. Ginger carries a plethora of benefits that are beneficial within your diet. The Ginger Dark Chocolate has a lovely balance of flavours with the dark chocolate that hardnesses the spiciness of the ginger well. Our Ginger Date Balls are a lovely after dinner treat or something to pack for a picnic and share with friends. Our 2 Ginger syrups are Original Ginger and Spiced, with the addition of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, cardamon and nutmeg. Some great warming flavours to add to a cup of hot chocolate or drizzle on a cake or on your porridge in the morning.

Also I focus on using sustainable packaging that can be reused for your own treats or pass it onto others with some treats inside. Our outer bags used for our date balls and chocolate products can be composted, so if you see a compostable label please place into your brown bin or into your compost bin. Just remove the round label on the front.

You can find us on social media at @blastadelights.


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