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Ballyhubbock Farm

Ballyhubbock Farm

Ballyhubbock Farm, The Glen of Imaal, Wicklow, Ireland, W91XP77

As young, Irish foodie farmers, we're passionate about promoting real, Irish food to the rest of the nation while also producing a sustainable business from our relatively small family-farm.

When George went to college, it was clear that he had great knowledge and passion for all things related to sheep. This was made evident by his ‘Sheep Student of the Year’ accomplishment in college and his recent nomination for ‘Sheep Farmer of the Year’ in Ireland. Since his college days, George has dreamed about starting a Sheep Dairy business on his third generation family farm (which has seen everything from poultry to pigs, dairy cattle to sucklers and of course-sheep). We finally took the leap in 2017 before our first production year which began in the summer of 2018.

Our first-to-market in Ireland products are handcrafted in small batches on our third-generation family farm in the Glen-of-Imaal in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains. When producing our handcrafted products we use traditional methods from faraway places but they are made by combining Sheep's Milk from our own milking flock with the finest, freshest and local (where possible) ingredients – truly farm-to-fork (or spin-to-spoon). Luckily for you, they’re both delicious and nutritious as Sheep’s Milk is naturally creamier, sweeter and packed with more nutrients when compared to Cow’s Milk.

Ballyhubbock Farm wish to serve our community by offering them fresh, natural products that they can enjoy while knowing that it’s good for them too. As we grow our business, we can’t wait to increase jobs for our local community also and to allow them to become a part of our story and heritage.

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