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Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms

Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms

Ballinalacken, Limerick

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Lucy & Mark

We are a husband and wife team growing speciality mushrooms in the beautiful countryside of Co. Limerick between the Ballyhoura and the Galtee Mountains. Our aim is very simple to grow and supply the finest possible quality speciality mushrooms and mushroom products. Our cultivated mushrooms which include the varieties, shiitake, grey oyster, king oyster, velvet pioppino, nameko, white beech and lions mane are grown on wood without the use of chemicals. We supply our range of speciality mushrooms and seasonal foraged wild mushrooms, herbs, plants and berries directly to chefs, restaurants, cafes, via farmers markets and food festivals to home cooks.

We preserve, produce and continually develop a wide range of products from our mushrooms, wild mushrooms and other wild foods. These include award winning dried mushroom mixes, mushroom seasonings, mushroom oil, ketchup, vinegars, pickles, ferments, syrups, risotto meal kit, teas and dashi. Our products are great store cupboard essentials, are versatile in their uses, and can enhance the flavour and nutrition of any meal.

We also grow and forage for medicinal mushrooms, including reishi, lions mane, cordyceps, turkey tail and chaga, which we transform into powders and teas, making them an easy and convenient source of mushrooms polysaccharides which could have many health benefits.


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