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Ardfert Farm

Ardfert Farm

Ardfert, Co. Kerry, V92W580

At Ardfert Farm we produce Free Range Eggs and Farm Fresh Milk.

Ardfert Free Range Eggs has been in business since 1987 and in that time has built up a reputation for producing top quality free range eggs. We pride ourselves on the excellent quality and taste of our eggs. Our hens are free to roam their pastures which gives our eggs their unique taste!

Ardfert Dairy was established in 2017 on our existing dairy farm. Ardfert Farm Fresh Milk is as close to natural cows milk as you can get. The process is very simple. The cows are milked, its then pasteurised, bottled and delivered to the customer... Its really that simple. Ardfert Milk is a premium whole milk, full of creamy goodness and its 96% fat free! Milk as its supposed to be!

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