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Alo Sokraki Organicos

Alo Sokraki Organicos

4 Crescent View, Castelbellingham, A91W244

My wife and I are vegetarians, we have been travelling a lot always searching local markets for natural , free of pesticides and GMO , organic highest quality products.

We are trying to bring back home as many delicacies as possible, or rather as much as Ryanair allow us to. On our last trip to Greece we met a lovely family who produce olive oil at their boutique plantation. We stayed with them, had a chance to see the whole process from harvesting to producing the final golden ambrosia. After the first sip, we knew already , that it was the highest quality Olive oil, taste like nothing we've ever tried before. Now, thanks to our discovery, we are delighted to give you a chance to have a glimpse of this amazing product in the comfort of your own home. Please visit our site where you can buy 100% organic olive oil from sunny Greece.


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