All Full Up - Organic Handpressed Nut Mylks

All Full Up - Organic Handpressed Nut Mylks

Woodlawn Road, Killarney, Co.Kerry, V93 D218

All Full Up represents a state of being, honouring all the joyful things that fill you up and make your entire body tingle & hum! All Full Up creates foods that are simple & natural, healing ingredients from the inside out, delicious & digestible!

All Full Up organic nut mylks are 100% natural with no additives, stabilisers or
chemicals. They are also dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly & sold in reusable,
recyclable glass bottles.

There are three delicious & digestible mylks on offer;
Organic Almond Mylk, Organic Golden Mylk, “Goldie” & Organic Sleep Tonic Mylk, “Luna”

Organic Almond Mylk is the perfect addition to your morning routine, with cereals, porridge & in summer, smoothies! I love to warm a cup with spices such as turmeric, cinnamon & nutmeg!

Organic Goldie Mylk, is best consumed warm on the hob either in the morning or evening. In Ayurveda, this blend of spices can aid digestion, circulation & help calm the nervous system.

Organic Luna Mylk, hosts Nutmeg as its main ingredient, a natural sedative for anyone
having trouble sleeping. Warm up a cup before bedtime & enjoy its balancing & calming
effect with a good night’s sleep!

By creating these Mylks my intention is to bring Prana (life-force) & energy to the body and mind. A product that last for 5 days, its Sattvic qualities are fresh, light & easy to digest, brimming with life! Don’t seek value in foods that last a life time, they’re Tamasic in nature & can make you feel lethargic & heavy.


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